Examples of Our Projects

We have assisted numerous public agencies with evaluation, reports, training, and technical assistance in finding solutions to difficult problems. The professionals associated with the Center have played keys roles in over 1000 projects that mattered a lot to the people who look to public agencies for help. Here are some examples:


Refugee Assistance

Providing training and advice to improve monitoring and program oversight of programs serving refugees throughout the world for the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland

Citizen Engagement

Facilitating over 100 community meetings across the United States and using Internet-based polling of more than 20,000 citizens to learn about their concerns regarding the cost, quality, and availability of health care and, based on that, preparing recommendations to the President and the Congress

Inner City Children

Evaluating a substance abuse prevention model for children attending inner-city public schools on behalf of the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Advising the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on key issues that arose in starting the new Medicare Part D prescription drug program and the Medicare Advantage program

Child Welfare

Performing service delivery assessments to improve the delivery of child support enforcement, adoption assistance, and foster care services

Youth Access to Tobacco

Developing a “Model Law” for States to use in preventing youth access to tobacco and of subsequent Federal regulations to ensure an effective reduction in access

Disaster Response

Evaluating federal, state, and local government responses to hurricane and earthquake disasters in order to enhance future readiness to respond to natural disasters

Transplant Organs

Identifying and analyzing critical issues in the Federal regulations on the equitable allocation of human organs for transplantation


Regulatory Burden

Evaluating government-wide agency compliance Federal laws requiring regulations to minimize burdens on small businesses

Long Term Care Services

Using surveys of hospital discharge planners and large electronic administrative databases to determine if citizens needing home health and nursing home services had to access to them

Nursing Education Programs

Evaluating university nursing programs using multi-method data collection strategies.

Conflict of Interest

Providing advice to the General Inspector of Albania on how to avoid\\conflicts of interest for civil servants in Albania

Beneficiary Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting annual, scientifically representative surveys of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid beneficiaries to determine their level of satisfaction with how services were provided to them

K-12 Curriculum/Teaching Innovation

Enhancing education through technology and improving the teaching of mathematics