Evaluation Training and Coaching

In some cases, the Center's clients will want program evaluation and monitoring work to be done at “arm's length” to unequivocally preserve both the fact and appearance of our independence. Often, however, especially in the early stages of a program’s life, a more collaborative involvement is appropriate. Sometimes, the client will even want to perform program oversight and evaluation using us as coaches. Thus, there are many circumstances where program managers need to have more than a passing familiarity with evaluation.

For such cases, the Center offers short courses and provides technical assistance. Our materials on the following topics can be easily adapted to the particular evaluation needs of program managers.


Essential Skills for Conducting a Program Evaluation:

  • Evaluation Questions
  • Effective Writing
  • ​Descriptive Statistics

Data Gathering:

  • Logic Models
  • Sampling
  • Survey Design


  • Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Questionnaire Design

Effective Use of Graphics:

  • Graphic Types
  • ​Layout Fundamentals
  • Standard Graphic Tools